Nuclear extermination of the whole human race.

As much as I like the punk subculture, I am getting sick of all these intolerant punks. 

Out of step with the world.

My heart is going to give out one day.

Am I that repulsive?

I am so jaded. Sometimes I don’t feel anything anymore.

Just like a sadistic killing a nihilist. Pointless.

If I die, it’d probably be from a heart attack.

I have to build myself up from scratch. I need help, but no one would lend me a helping hand. Fine, I’ll do it myself. It is much easier that way; I am my own boss.


Wow. You really don’t care, do you? I get it. It is all so clear now. My worth — is almost nothing.

Just missed what could have been my best night ever.

You think you’re useless and irrelevant? Of course you are; you have not made yourself valuable to anyone’s life yet.

Sometimes, I have to degrade myself just to talk to certain people. It’s a pain, really.